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About Elite Superior Foods

Elite Superior Foods was established in 2017 based on three major priorities which has led us to create a highly flavorful, extremely fresh with the highest level of quality available within the food industry.  We also are in continuous growth and expanding our varieties and item selection under the Elite Superior Foods umbrella.


Elite Superior Foods chose these three food priorities for a very simple reason. Elite Superior Foods believes in most cases food has been so manipulated with additives, food enhancers and shelf stabilizers that we felt our products needed “the best”. Elite Superior Foods knows that are products are consumed by entire households, not just adults, not just children that’s why we’ve chosen to focus on these three major priorities.

Our 3 priorities

  1. To create highly flavorful products that will provide the consumer with a food flavor experience  and an appetite for more.

  2. We use the newest pasteurization technology called "High Pressure Pasteurization", also known as "HPP".

  3. To utilize only the highest quality ingredients to create our products, which gives Elite Superior Foods an edge on our competitors.  We never use any added preservatives, shelf stabilizers, or flavor enhancers.  

We pride ourselves on our outstanding level of customer service and attention to detail.  We believe in handling every customer personally, whether you purchase our products for a retail outlet or for your personal use.  

We hope you enjoy our products and let your friends and family know!  We would love to hear any feedback from you, please use the feedback link below:

Thank you for visiting our website!

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